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Corbin Seats Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Corbin seats softer than my stock one?
When the question of Corbin seats softness is raised, it actually brings up several issues. First off, a soft foam is actually detrimental to riding comfort (most stock Corbin seats use a foam density of 3-4 pounds). When a foam is too soft, it does not offer the rider the support that is needed for the long haul and given time will compact to the point to where it offers no resiliency at all. When this occurs, the rider usually assumes that the Corbin seats is too hard, when in fact the problem has arisen from the foam being too soft.

Corbin's solution is to use a contoured "Comfort Cell®" foam. This foam is of the closed cell variety which means that it is made up of a series of small bubbles which hold air pockets that keep the Corbin seats resilient indefinitely. Corbin foam is designed to give us the flexibility to vary the density of it to suit the design of the Corbin seats (low profile Corbin seats require denser foam) and is cast into a shape that disperses the rider's weight over a greater area of square inches, therefore eliminating pressure points. This is what we call "ergonomic shaping". On average, Corbin foam is used at a density of approximately 7 pounds which after extensive testing has proven to provide the best combination of softness and true touring SUPPORT! In addition, Corbin's foam has a memory feature. After a break-in period of approximately 1500-2000 miles, the Corbin seats will actually take on the shape of the rider which provides even better weight dispersion and custom fitted comfort.

What happens if my Corbin seats get wet?
Don't panic, water won't damage your Corbin seats. Corbin covers are extremely durable and are weather resistant too. However, the stitching in the cover allows for water intrusion! If this happens, your behind will probably get wet a couple of the times as you squeeze the water back out while sitting on the Corbin seats. The solution is to let the Corbin seats dry out in the sun. To assure that your Corbin seatscover retains it weather resistance, we recommend conditioning your Corbin seats on a regular basis with CorbinCare Leather, Vinyl & rubber cleaner & protectant. You should condition your Corbin seats at least as often as you wash your bike. In the case of leather Corbin seats, we strongly suggest a regular coating of a good silicon based leather conditioner such as Corbin's motorcycle seat Cream (do not use cleaners or conditioners with a petroleum or kerosene base). This will help the leather to stay supple and keep it looking great! Rain covers are also available for motorcyclists who spend a lot of time in the rain or for bikes that are stored outdoors. TIP: Remove your Corbin seats from your bike when washing it, especially if you're using a pressure washer.

Can a Corbin seats be modified to suit me?
Yes, however the Corbin seats is designed to work perfect for about 90% of the riding population.

If I order a leather Corbin seats, will the entire seat be made of leather?
Mostly, we only use leather in the Corbin seatsing panels. That is to say, any area of the Corbin seats or backrest that actually comes in contact with your body while you're riding. The reason for this is simple: The side panels of your Corbin seats and backrest take the most beating from day to day use and the advantages of leather are lost since your body doesn't contact those areas. Instead, we use a coordinating vinyl that is a perfect match to the grain and color of the leather, but does not stretch like leather, therefore keeping your Corbin seats tight. This provides you with a motorcycle Corbin seats that stays looking brand new for a much longer period of time.

What are the advantages or disadvantages of the various cover materials for Corbin seats?
We'll take this one material at a time:
Vinyl is a popular cover material because it is durable, weather resistant and is available in the widest range of colors. Since it is a man made material, it doesn't breathe very well which means that it can trap heat against your body. The solution to this if you prefer a vinyl Corbin seats, is to order basketweave or some other textured Corbin seatsing. Basketweave material has a pattern to it that allows for some air space between your body and the Corbin seats itself. Conditioning a vinyl Corbin seats every time you wash your bike will assure a long lasting cover!

Leather is the best material for a motorcycle seat especially if you are a long distance rider. Since leather is a natural product, it breathes well and helps to keep your body cool where you contact the Corbin seats. Leather will also conform with the foam shape as it breaks in to give you a personalized fit. For leather Corbin seats, we recommend a regular conditioning with a good silicon based cleaner/conditioner such as Corbin's motorcycle seat Cream to help it age well and stay weather resistant.

Velour is a very plush material for touring Corbin seatsas it provides a very cool and comfortable ride. Since it is a cloth material, it must be treated well with some form of protectant such as Scotchguard. Even when well treated, velour is not very weather resistant and gets dirty fast, which means it requires the most amount of care out of all of your material options. Additionally, Velour does not last as long as the other material options.

What is "Carbon Fiber" Leather? Is it Carbon Fiber? Is it leather?
This material is a Corbin USA exclusive! First off, YES it is leather. What our manufacturer has done is taken a nice supple hide and laminated a black nylon to the top that has a herringbone pattern that matches true carbon fiber. Why didn't they use real carbon? Simple, when real carbon fiber was tried as a laminate, it had a tendency to fray and scuff. This eventually left it looking like an old sweater with those funky little fuzzy things all over it. The custom made black nylon doesn't do that and holds up very well to constant use.

Recently we've added a Carbon Fiber embossed vinyl to the material choices available. Unlike the leather, this material is actually a weave pattern embossed into the surface of the material. We like to use the embossed material in the side panels to coordinate with Carbon Fiber leather Corbin seating.

If I order Corbin seats now, can I add the backrest later?
Yes, you can add the backrest at any time you like as long as you have made provisions for its addition. In some cases, the Corbin seats has a type of hardware that bolts into the bottom of the Corbin seats in which case, you just order your backrest and the required hardware. In some cases, however, the hardware is built right into the Corbin seats.

Can I order a Corbin seats without the backrest hardware?
Yes you may, but in most cases there is no reason to do so. Later, if you or a buyer of your motorcycle wants to add a backrest, they will not be able to do so.

Can I order a touring Corbin seats without the "Lumbar Lever"?
In the case of our Dual Touring Corbin seats for the Harley-Davidson Dresser models, the answer is yes, but you will lose the ability to adjust the backrest while you are seated on the motorcycle. All of our other touring models require the Lumbar lever to support the backrest, so it is required if you want to use the rider's backrest.

I have a two piece stock Corbin seats, will the Corbin front work with my stock rear and vice-versa?
In some cases (Harley-Davidson Softails & Suzuki RF 600R for example) the Corbin components were designed to work with the stock pieces. This is not true on all models, however. In many cases, we have designed our components to accept the removable rider's backrest and this may interfere with its ability to be used with the factory Corbin seats. In any case, the Corbin components make a much more comfortable and better looking alternative.

What is the Warranty period on Corbin seats?
Corbin offers a full one year warranty on all materials and labor. Normal wear & tear or physical damage due to external forces (like your dog chewing it up) are not covered under the Corbin warranty. Any problem encountered with the material or workmanship of your Corbin seats will be repaired at no charge to you.

Recently I've seen some information about "Gel Corbin seats". Why doesn't Corbin offer this?
Mike Corbin extensively tests every new foam technology that comes to market. Over the past 30+ years, Mike has done much testing on the gel padding and its possible usage for motorcycle Corbin seats and found that our advanced Comfort Cell foam is superior in both comfort and durability. Gel padding was originally developed as a prosthesis for mastectomy patients and was never intended to support more than its own weight. Gel has been tried as a cushion in running shoes, bicycle Corbin seatss and gloves among other things (in fact, Mike has a gel Corbin seats on his exercise bike at home!) Gel is also very cold and is an inadequate cushion for most serious enthusiasts. Even when new, gel can apply pressure to areas of the body that are not well suited to load bearing. When subjected to heavy pounding, gel deteriorates developing pockets or holes. This situation worsens as the gel deteriorates.

Cooling air flow is also blocked by gel. Corbin seats are contoured to distribute loads without applying pressure to sensitive tissue or blocking air flow. Instead of using a liquid displacement technology as in the gel foam, Corbin uses air as a cushion. (Running shoe manufacturers have found that air pockets make excellent padding.) Corbin does this one better by combining the strength of closed cell foam and the air trapped inside to give the best possible support and impact protection! Corbin foam adapts to your body and provides you with evenly distributed support.

Why does Corbin use a Fibertech basepan for their motorcycle seats?
There are several reasons that Corbin uses fibertech as a basepan material. First off, fibertech offers us the design flexibility to fit each and every contour of the motorcycle to provide a precise fit. Fibertech is also very weather resistant and won't rust when subjected to the elements. When used in the proper thickness, fibertec is also lightweight and provides the strength necessary to support the contoured foam used in Corbin seats. With proper basepan strength, the Corbin seats will always support you in the right places! When making a new Corbin seats design, Corbin engineers the basepan to ride on rubber bumpers which keep the basepan up and off of your paint job. This is a much better alternative than carpet or similar material which will trap dust and grit against your bike and ruin a paint job.

If I order a Corbin seats today, when can I expect to get it?
Estimated shipping times refer to the length of time for an item to leave our warehouse and should not be confused with total delivery time to your door. Shipping times are estimated in business days and do not include weekends or holidays and may, in some cases, run longer than shown. If you have ordered an item that will by delayed due to a back ordered or discontinued status you will receive a prompt e-mail and/or call from one of our Surfside Representatives. The most common shipping method is UPS ground service. Addresses containing P.O. boxes and military FPO/APO's are shipped via the U.S. Postal Service. Delivery can be expected in 3-5 business days of transit time after leaving our warehouse. Complete and updated address information ensures timely shipments! Many orders are received earlier than this estimate, depending on how far you are from our warehouse and whether or not we need to order your product from one of our vendors. If your order contains an item that is back-ordered you will receive a prompt notification from our sales department to try and help you with any substitutions. Please refer to the rate table for UPS ground shipping costs.

Do I have to pay sales tax?
Florida residents only must pay sales tax on their Corbin seats.

Corbin seats
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