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Corbin Seats Styles

Hollywood Solo Corbin seats
Corbin's Hollywood Solo gives your bike the lowest profile and fastest look available. Hollywood solo provides a perfect fit to every arc and contour of your bike for a radical custom look. Our high density Comfort Cell® foam gives a firm, supportive ride even with such a low profile. Available with a wide range of leather options. Some models have the option of a low profile passenger Corbin seats.

Young Guns Corbin seats
Evolved from the original Gunfighter, the Young Gun model provides good rider comfort with the lowest profile available. Designed to fit perfectly to every arc and curve of your machine. We build this one with higher density foam to provide a firm supportive ride. Tail section provides for passengers on short trips. Includes genuine leather Corbin seating panels in your choice of colors and styles.

Gunfighter Corbin seats
The original Corbin Gunfighter motorcycle seat as developed by Mike back in 1982! This model offers excellent solo comfort with a fastback tail section for a fast, solo look. The front Corbin seating area is bio-mechanically engineered for long range comfort while the tail section is padded and upholstered to provide for short trip passengers when desired.

Gunfighter Corbin seats includes genuine leather Corbin seating and can be decorated with flames or scallops on the tail. This model is often available in a Close model that is built lower and closer to the bars for easier reach. Some Gunfighter models offer a removable rider's backrest for added support.

Stinger Corbin seats

The Stinger Corbin seats is another evolution of the Gunfighter model. This design offers excellent rider comfort in the front with a tail section that comes to a wicked looking point over your fender. Don't expect passengers to be happy with this Corbin seats! Includes genuine leather Corbin seating in your choice of colors and styles.

Gambler Corbin seats
Corbin's Gambler design provides a low profile and sporty looks with a short pillion pad for passengers. Gambler style Corbin seats look excellent and fit perfect! Provides your bike with ergonomically developed cruising comfort for two riders. Includes genuine leather Corbin seatsing panels in your choice of colors and styles.

Gunfighter & Lady Corbin seats
Gunfighter & Lady provides your bike with a shape similar to the Gunfighter and has the addition of an ergonomically developed Corbin seatsing position for your passenger. Many models accept a removable backrest for added comfort and security. Includes genuine leather Corbin motorcycle seating in your choice of colors and styles. Color coordination included at no additional charge.

Gunfighter and Lady Corbin Seats

Clean flowing lines much like the Gunfighter Corbin seats with the addition of a comfortable passenger position. Color coordinated to your machine with a wide range of options. Most models accept a removable passenger backrest for added comfort and security. Ergonomic sculpting provides excellent sport touring comfort. Includes genuine leather Corbin seating panels.

Rumble Corbin seats
The Rumble Corbin seats model is Mike Corbin's twentieth U.S. patent! This is, by far, the most convenient Corbin seats available with a convertible tail section that gives fast looks or passenger comfort as needed. Just fold the backrest down for a solo, Gunfighter style look or fold the backrest up to provide a Corbin seats built for two complete with passenger rest! Ergonomic sculpting in the Corbin motorcycle seating areas makes this a great Corbin seats on Sport Touring bikes!

Canyon Dual Sport Corbin seats
Our Canyon Dual Sport model offers total comfort for two riders on Sport Touring motorcycles. Sculpted riding positions provide a greater area of body contact for excellent weight distribution. Most models accept a passenger backrest for added comfort and security. Includes genuine leather Corbin seats and a host of color coordinating options.

Classic Solo Corbin seats
The Classic Solo Corbin seats gives your bike a nostalgic look and excellent rider comfort. Ergonomically designed for maximum weight distribution and accepts a rider's backrest for added back support. Most models offer a passenger pillion Corbin seats to add two-up capability to your bike. Includes genuine leather Corbin seats and a host of decorating options for a custom look.

For many bike models we also offer a Close version of the Classic Solo that provides a lower Corbin seating platform that is built closer to the bars for improved reach.

Dual Touring Motorcycle Seat

Corbin's Dual Touring motorcycle seat is, quite simply, the most comfortable Corbin seats available for two riders! Dual ergonomically sculpted Corbin motorcycle seating positions provide excellent weight distribution while our exclusive Comfort Cell® foam gives a firm supportive ride. Dual Touring Corbin seats has removable rider backrests available in both the rider and passenger positions for added back support. Includes genuine leather Corbin seating panels and a wide variety of decorating options.

Corbin seats
Welcome to Surfside powersports, your main source for Corbin , Corbin seats, and Corbin saddles for Harley and custom bikes. We have a full range of Corbin seats including Corbin Gunfighter Motorcycle seat , Corbin Classic Solo Motorcycle seat and Corbin Stinger motorcycle seat available for you to purchase online today at our corbin store.

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